[Help] Why not on Mastodon?

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[Help] Why not on Mastodon?

Post by laura » 25 Aug 2018, 10:50

The contact form does not work, when you send your message your see the red text "FORM_INVALID"

and I can not send PM (We are sorry, but you are not authorized to use this feature. You may have just registered here and may need to participate more in discussions to be able to use this feature. )

so let me write here :)
Why not on Mastodon? You could create your official profile using one of the federated instances or start your personal instance (for example https://social.nonude.site)

My current profile:

The main project:

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[Help] Re: Why not on Mastodon?

Post by Tribadism » 25 Aug 2018, 12:13

PM system is working now and Contact Form was disabled for avoid spammers.

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